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PDF Request

URL Format

  • YOUR API KEY, You'll get this from the console
  • GENERATED HASH, MD5 hash of full url including query string and API Secret, md5(API SECRET + REQUEST URL & OPTIONS)
  • REQUEST URL & OPTIONS, Target URL and query string that contains all of the options you want to set

Request Options

QueryDefault valueDescription
url-URL-encoded target url
width-Paper width, accepts values labeled with units.
height-Paper height, accepts values labeled with units.
marginTop-Top margin, accepts values labeled with units.
marginRight-Right margin, accepts values labeled with units.
marginBottom-Bottom margin, accepts values labeled with units.
marginLeft-Left margin, accepts values labeled with units.
scale1Scale of the webpage rendering
landscapefalsePaper orientation
delay0Delay in seconds before capturing
timestamp-This will force reload the image
formatA4Paper format. The format options are Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6.
fileName-File name used while saving to S3
s3Acl-The canned S3 ACL to apply to S3 uploads
s3RedirectfalseSet as true to redirect response to uploaded S3 url

Check the following reference for valid S3 ACL values.

Custom Paper Size

To capture using custom paper size, you can use the width and height options. Please note that both are mandatory for setting custom paper size. You can also customise the paper margins using marginTop, marginRight, marginBottom and marginLeft options. All four margins must be specified for setting custom margin.

Rate Limits

All accounts are restricted at 5 requests / second, you can request an upgrade by contacting our support.